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Network Spinal Analysis

Do you ever feel like life is moving faster than your ability to take part? Most of us are simply trying to keep up in a world that nobody was designed for. With anxiety and stress related symptoms reaching new heights, don’t you think it’s time to upgrade?

Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) is unlike anything you have ever experienced before. It is an evidence-based approach that uses gentle, precise touches to the spine. No cracking. No crunching.

This gentle precision, signals to the brain and nervous system (our central switchboard controlling all processes in the body, both conscious and unconscious) to slow down and to re-evaluate. This allows these systems to begin to create better strategies for dealing with any past, current or anticipated situations.

Think of it as being similar to allowing a computer to reboot. With this “re-setting” of the nervous system, the body can release any built up tension, breathing can deepen and we can feel a greater sense of clarity, less pain and with time a much greater ability to cope with stress and change.

Network Spinal Analysis is practiced only by Chiropractors. It first arose in the early 1980’s when New York Chiropractor, Doctor Donald Epstein, began marrying together various chiropractic techniques. After meticulous observations and comparisons, he came up with a system that allowed large amounts of spinal tension to be released through the use of precise, light touch. This unique approach to health is a combination of trusted chiropractic methods, neuroanatomy, neurophysiology and quantum mechanics…as well as placing great emphasis on the concept of overall “wellness” as opposed to symptom chasing.

NSA enables us to reconnect with our bodies. It creates safety within our often over stimulated nervous system, so that we can not only experience greater wellbeing, but so that we can tune into our bodies and begin to truly understand what they need and what they are calling for. Through this powerful work we gain more awareness within our body, by allowing it to work more efficiently, so we can then also begin to find more awareness in our minds. From this place of increased awareness, we can truly begin to live more authentically, with more purpose and thus experience deep, long lasting change as opposed to quick fix solutions, so that our lives can feel more connected and we can feel more alive.

Network Spinal Analysis Bristol
Network Chiropractor Bristol
Network Chiropractor Bristol

“NSA helps to build greater self-awareness, through conscious awakening of the relationships between the body, mind, emotion and expression of the human spirit”


Initial Consultation and first treatment
Follow ups pay as you go
Block of 6 sessions….